In Illinois the citizens of Geneva pabco said, this year's Christmas lights with 100000 light bulbs, with computer control, with the song shine, he described the incandescent lamp bulb, average every 100 AMP LED lamp power consumption, only 20 amperes, charge of electricity are as different as heaven and hell, and easy to use, only need a switch can control all lamp. But the body itself from wind power industry pabco admit, own use LED light quality is better, also spent 10000 Yuan by the contractor responsible for the project, not all people can afford such a budget.

Bulb manufacturers explained, some people feel the LED lights to create a festive atmosphere, because some inexpensive incandescent exhibit of lanterns issued purple and blue halo, but the new type LED lamp can automatically flicker, is more suitable for the living room, in addition to light over a plurality, both soft and white, there are close to traditional C9 incandescent lamp rays of light.

With these advantages, retailers began selling LED bulb Target tendency, said, this year to sell Christmas lighting of four into the LED lamp, and the lamp market since its introduction in 2005, and annual sales unabated. The firm said, LED bulb with long service life, and the energy saving and safety, generally LED lamp may be operated for decades, as the Christmas lighting it can save 80% of electricity, in addition to use large bulbs require less wire, blow out the fuse has also greatly reduced the risks.

A fly in the ointment is LED lamps retail price is still high, home furnishing supplies chain Lowe s said, ' this is a set of 35 light bulbs Christmas LED lighting, price is 3.97 Yuan, although has more than 14.99 Yuan in 2005 is much cheaper, but still higher than that of the incandescent lamp 1.97 Yuan. The department of energy is estimated, if the bulb edison have changed, it can save 410 million Yuan accumulated electricity each year.

In order to encourage consumers to switch to the LED lamp, a number of retailers this year to promote, in the case of Home Depot, this year the sale of 88 kinds of LED lamps, incandescent lamp types are only 45. In addition the firm also launched change lamp plan, last year it recovered 152 tons of incandescent light bulbs.

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