As a new lighting technology, LED lights urban street lighting energy saving is possible. LED lighting technology is maturing, the high-power LED light effect has reached 80lm / W, the advantage is power-saving, environmental protection, safety, long life and dimmable filament led bulb high color rendering index. On December 2005, Japan introduced to improve to promote tax laws and improve energy use clearly defined corporate or institutional use LED lighting to replace incandescent lighting, availability of investment of 130 percent over depreciation or investment tax rate of 7% relief; European Union 2006 July RoHs bill to restrict the use of mercury-containing fluorescent tubes; California legislators proposed the implementation of the 2012 incandescent prohibition order; February 2007, the Australian Government announced that it will phase out incandescent; Taiwan in 2012 limits the use of incandescent; National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Science and Technology and other departments are working to promote the LED products to replace traditional incandescent and high pressure sodium conventional light sources, and established in 2015 to achieve the goal of saving 26 billion RMB. Under the enormous pressure of energy saving and environmental protection, foreign governments adopt policies to encourage and promote the application of LED lighting products.

significance-and-necessity-to-develop-led-streetlights. Street light market has been launched, with further increases in efficiency and technology are maturing, there will be developed rapidly, the market outlook is more optimistic. Under the green tide of global energy conservation and environmental protection, to replace traditional street lights with LED lights are naturally becoming the focus of attention.
Significance to Popularize LED Streetlights

Road lighting is closely related with the people's production and life, with the acceleration of the process of China's urbanization, the green, efficient, long life LED lights gradually come into people's vision. Based on the unique advantages of energy saving, emission reduction, environmental protection and other aspects of the LED lights, semiconductor lighting is known as the third revolution of human lighting, its field of application is also being rapidly expand.
Foreign Governments Encourage LED Lights

With the progress of Heat Pipe high brightness white light emitting diode (LED) technology, high-power LED lighting technology has become matured, and now the a lot of commercialized high-power Wholesale Led Light are widely used in more high-end residential villa areas.
Prospects of LED Street Lights

As a low voltage lighting, security is also the outstanding advantages of the LEDs. Facing the rare opportunities for development and the needs of the market, LED lights, although there are still shortcomings, such as there are no unified standards and other issues, but it has become a development trend due to the energy saving features of LED streetlights.velcrotape8. And so, many led street light manufacturers seize the business opportunity to invest big money on the research and development of new and energy-saving LED lighting products.