Although the manufacturers use a lot of ways to reduce Jida ozone production, such as the use of the contact drum charge roller alternative earlier ionization charge roller to reduce the amount of ozone produced by the drum charging circuit to improve the drum's photosensitivity to reduce the emission energy of the laser, the use of the ozone filter to filter out the generated ozone, but ozone air produced by the ionization of the high-energy laser beam in the transmission process, manufacturers can only try to reduce, but can not be eliminated.

. greatly increase the failure rate of the optical system. LED printer's optical system is relatively simple, less external optical device, no mechanical working parts, thus greatly reducing the failure rate of the optical system. We know that ozone is harmful to humans, while the early laser printers ozone production is relatively large. This is undoubtedly a major shortcoming of laser printers, LED printers, diode issued ordinary light, the light energy is small, not ionizing air, naturally, does not produce ozone, which the environmental and health office occasions, it is is very important.

Printing results, the fine detail.

Laser printer uses a single light source, relying on a rotating prism and optical system allows the laser to produce deflection, so that the laser will not always save the surface of the drum of the vertical irradiation, especially in the both ends of the drum, the laser incident angle will be greater, the image some distortion, edge becomes blurred. Need to reach the drum on each line of optical data in order to ensure the accuracy of the imaging scanning and calibration, it will affect print speed. otherwise it will affect the print quality, which leads to larger laser scanning box. The Jida the laser diode in order to overcome the long-distance transmission attenuation and light-sensitive short time unfavorable factors, the output power higher, so it is easy to shorten its life due to high heat.

Level of an imaging fast

Laser printers in the imaging process, the laser beam on the surface of the drum-by-point scanning and point by point exposure. Compared to more mature technology of laser printers, LED printers have the advantage? Is how to get consumers flocking to the choice of this technology products? Here we introduce the advantages, LED printer. Also LED printing technology has done very well, as the first to advocate using LED print technology manufacturers Oki's major printer, most of this technology.

Laser printer optical path system, the internal lens and mechanical parts, so the lens is easy to be outside dust pollution, resulting in print quality problems, and its rotating multi-prism also the life of the motor components of the finite, the rotation process easy to damage, easy to aging, etc. LED light source within the system without mechanical parts, the external optical device is also less, with the advanced technology and a large number of LED can be integrated in very small devices. More complex optics and mechanical parts of the optical system of the laser printer, plus each device must have a certain space in order to ensure the normal transmission of the laser beam, while the deflection of the laser beam in the transmission process can not be too large.

Unique structure, the less efficient and more stable operation

First, it reduces the failure rate of the light part of the life of the light source.

LED print head is more sophisticated, smaller body

LED light source is also beneficial to reduce the size of the printer to increase the printing speed. Color laser printer, using an imaging technology and its Led PC Cover internal need to install the four laser scanning box, so the volume of the machine can be imagined. It can be seen that this is a serial scanning system. Each light source of LED printer in the imaging point just above, so that we can always ensure that the light is shining perpendicularly drum to LED High Bay Lamp ensure the consistency and sharpness of the edge of the text printout. LED printers use a large number of light-emitting diodes to the surface as a light source, laser printers, a laser diode, laser printers, the reliability of the source would be better, but because of the light-emitting diodes of the LED printer in the low-voltage low-power state, almost no aging, so its very long life.
Decrypt the five advantages of LED printer

LED printer, by virtue of advanced technology and energy saving ideas, and be welcomed by consumers. LED printer in the imaging, it is the work of thousands of LED lamps in parallel, belonging to the parallel scanning, each pixel corresponds to a light source, so only need to switch to control the light source, no optical data calibration, which to provide a basis for high-speed LED printer Print

Energy saving and environmental protection.LED printers have a better environmental protection.