Energy saving light bulbs in the forms on CFLs and LED bulbs have been around for quite sometime. They are devised in such a manner that they will produce an equal amount of brightness with a much lower power consumption.

CFL or compact fluorescent lamps are the most popular in this category and they have been the point of focus (pardon the pun) of many a green campaign. The main objective is to get people to use these 7-11w bulbs instead of standard 20w-25w bulbs or higher. These bulbs are perfectly capable of producing the same amount of bright light while also bringing the electricity bill down.

The usual myth about these bulbs is that they are not as bright as the ordinary incandescent bulbs and that is absolutely not true. These bulbs are perfectly capable of being the direct replacements of all the standard light fittings around the household. The CFL bulbs come in various shapes and sizes and also have varied wattage to produce lights varying in their brightness. The usual power consumption difference between an incandescent bulb and an energy saving one is usually between 50%-70% or more. This is in favor of the energy saving bulbs of course.

There are bulbs available for standard shapes and fits that are perfect for chandelier fittings and hence will not look odd or out of place. This is very useful those who have an elaborate lighting setting already in place, like shops and display units. Another problem so far has been using these bulbs with standard dimmer switches and it used to be impossible to do until recently. There are new bulbs available that are okay to be used with standard dimmer switches and they will not strobe or flicker. Upon testing, many of these bulbs revealed that they turn off after the 30% mark but up to that mark they can be dimmed smoothly without a problem. There are some specialized bulbs that carry a manufacturer's promise for being able to handle being dimmed up to 10% and back up.

Hence, most of the common domestic uses are covered using these bulbs. Now, the usual 50W halogen spotlight can also be replaced with a specially made 11w bulb that produces the same strong spotlight with about 1/5th the power consumed. The only difference is that the halogen bulbs create a warmer, more yellowish color while the energy saving light bulb creates a more whitish light.

Another category of energy saving lights uses LEDs or Light Emitting Diodes. These are very different from every other bulb and more electronic than electrical. They have recently come to the domestic and commercial lighting scenario and are being loved for their low cost, longevity and above all extremely low power consumption. They brightness belies the tiny amount of power that they use. This is why they are more popular in the emergency and portable lighting category. So you can find them in 3 color torches, emergency lights, etc.