Infrared LEDs are also used in the remote control units of many commercial products including televisions, DVD players, and other domestic appliances. Introduced as a practical electronic component in 1962, early LEDs emitted low-intensity red light, but modern versions are available across the visible, ultraviolet and infrared wavelengths, with very high brightness.
Possible rebates from utilities and government.
No gases, mercury or harmful metals.
More reliable in hostile conditions, in heat & cold.
Multiple Applications
Our 1 bulb 4 foot fixture can be used to replace multiple bulb florescent fixture at a substantial energy savings.
Incased in Panlite Polycarbonate for use in safety medical & food applications. LEDs have allowed new text, video displays, and sensors to be developed, while their high switching rates are also useful in advanced communications technology.
It is easily mounted on walls or ceilings for many optional uses.
A light-emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor light source.
This bulb is the next generation in LED technology.
Two Sided
Our patented double sided bulb is only available through RG Global Industries.
Fixtures are available with a variety of reflectors added to fit any commercial or industrial application. LEDs present many advantages over incandescent light sources including lower energy consumption, longer lifetime, improved robustness, smaller size, and faster switching.
LEDs are often small in area, and integrated optical components may be used to shape its radiation pattern.
Technology has advanced to a point where LED’s are set to become the standard lighting source for the 21st century.
Panlite Polycarbonate used to encase the LED’s is the highest quality, most transparent plastic on the market.
RC Global LED Fixtures
RC Global LED has multiple applications both interior & exterior.
The newest most efficient LED fixtures available.
Maintenance costs become minimal because of the 50,000+ hour lifespan of our bulb.
Frames can be changed to accommodate 1, 2, or 3 bulbs in any of several lengths.
Highest impact dimmable filament led bulb strength of all plastics, superior to zinc and aluminum die cast.
To The Point
The highest quality bulb in the market place.
No glass or filaments to shatter.
When a light-emitting diode is forward biased, electrons are able to recombine with electron holes within the device, releasing energy in the form of photons. LEDs are used as indicator lamps in many devices and are increasingly used for other lighting.
Extremely fast LED High Mast Lamp return on investment.
Energy & Cost Savings
LED’s consume up to 2/3 less energy.
Energy savings up to 70%, and environmentally friendly.
Light-emitting diodes are used in applications as diverse as replacements for aviation lighting, automotive lighting (particularly brake lamps, turn signals and indicators) as well as in traffic signals. This effect is called electroluminescence and the color of the light is determined by the energy gap of the semiconductor.
Fixture Options
Fixture can be built with or without lens covers.
The Difference
Our external Constant Current Driver (CCD) prevents bulb failure and premature burn out, eliminating most heat from the tube.