The Heat Sink Supplier revolution and setting the stage for incandescent light bulbs to become obsolete. Led lights offer a energy efficient environmentally friendly (by reducing carbon emissions) lighting solution.Currently the City of Des Moines is retrofitting city street lights and parking lot lights with LED to save energy costs. Initial cost is higher than standard bulb replacement. Yet the final savings in energy use and extended life of LED bulbs are significant up to 50% of the yearly budget for these lights. These savings are estimated to provide a pay back in three years.

Another city is the process of utilizing solar LED lights on 9'-0" poles for to light up the main street for security.The old lantern style light is a decorative element that enhances the character of the main street.

A 9 volt LED light can replace a 70W incandescent, or a 5 volt LED replace a 45 Watt incandescent in a recessed ceiling can light,14to 25 volt LED can replace 100 watt Halogen security lights.

US Department of Energy report on LED: states that widespread use of LED over the next 20 years can save 120 billion dollars in electricity at today's rates or the equivalent to 24 new power plants and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 246 million metric tons of carbon. That's a big savings figure for lighting which is only 7 % of the electrical use of businesses and homes.

Actual results as to whether LED replace incandescent depends on factors such as consumer acceptance, and potential new technology development that competes with LED's advantages over the incandescent light bulb.

It is now a reality LED Light Emitting Diode have improved enough to transition from being a sources of ambient lights to a replacement for incandescent and other traditional forms of lighting. There are now LED light bulbs sold at Big Box Retailers. LED lights are great source of light and a great sustanaible product due to it's low voltage and no/low heat production. Go sustainable with 100W Led Heatsink. Think solar LED for your yard and outdoor security and decorative lighting.