Examples of the jobbing processes can be the High Mast Light system of a warehouse. Such a project will require different types of LED tube and LED bulb products to achieve the luminous purposes. These products will need to install LED chips, LED driver and LED housing. However, their needs of the same resources will be different in the assembly lines.

There is a common notion that LED luminary do not emit more than one color. However, LEDs can emit a wide variety of colors. In fact, LEDs change their light proportion in every primary color. This principle allows LEDs to mix colors effectively and emit whatever color you'd like them to emit.

However, some need to change the wiring and completely replace the ballast in certain cases. A LED lamp is a mixture of number of LEDs with various directional properties.

LED tubes can be replaced with t8, t10 and t12 tube specs. New LED bulbs that are about to hit the market will not require a bulb to contain complex circuitry and can be connected to the mains.

Although a bit slow, the phase out of the traditional incandescent bulbs has already begun. In fact, a recent report states that the LED Low Bay Light market is estimated to grow 45% every year until 2019.While a lot of improvement has already been made in the High Pole Light, there have been some new approaches is in their testing phase. Vapor phase epitaxy is being employed and they have already started showing their magic.