Yeah.Thanks very much for the phone call. Appreciate it. Here's an email from Brandi(ph): I would like to know how much your guests know about roller derby. I've been playing for five years and found it's the fastest growing female sport in the world.Well, I used to follow the Bay Bombers as a kid growing up in the Bay Area, Charlie O'Connell and Joanie Wesson. Yeah, it's like wrestling on wheels, you know? It's great. It's exciting. We met - we were just playing , Texas.And I think  kind of spearheaded the whole roller derby movement.The revival.The renaissance, yeah.Yeah.They're hardcore, those girls.Well, and I just love the names. I mean, it's like, you know, you take your middle name and the street you grew up on and that's your roller derby name?Well, that's one thing.That's one way to use that, yes.Let's see, we could go next to Steve, and Steve is on the line with us from Toledo.STEVE (Caller): Good afternoon.  But for one week, I was a baseball fan. And then what that week was over, nah, not so much.Baseball is terrible.Thanks very much for the call, Steve.STEVE: Thank you very much. Take care.If only sports are on ESPN, writes Pat in Fargo, why is the National Spelling Bee on ESPN?Exactly my point, yeah.That's because it's a sport, hello?No, no. It requires no physical prowess.Physical prowess?But that would make it interesting.Oh, that's true.Yeah.Yeah. Spelling bee and boxing. Now, they...A full contact sport.Yeah, yeah. Listen, you got to stand up there and not faint.Oh, I know that one.That's a lot of cardio. That's a lot of fortitude, man, you know.Man.Another email.  No, no, no, no.No, what?

If we're going to have a fight song, it should have a Y chromosome.What does that mean? What does that mean? Wait a second. It should be short and to the point. (Singing) Fight, fight, fight, fight, kill, kill, kill, kill, crush and maim. We will, will, will, will rip their lungs out, strip their tongues out, leave them all to die.No, no, no...(Singing) Break their kneecaps, smash their fingers, bring the pain and make it linger. Make them cry. No, make them die. Oh, this is my Reduced fight song.Yeah. Absolutely. That's good. It had a lot of fight.Thank you.Not a lot of song.It had enough song. Thank you. Guys, guys, guys, look. You're over thinking this way too much.

 Maryland.BROWN: You know, second only to curling, the best sport on Wide World of Sports was always barrel jumping. Who's your favorite barrel jumper?There are so many.You know, Tony Boom-Boom Castanza(ph) was my favorite. Beaufort, excuse me.TOM: Yes. My question is whether the troop knows what sport distances are measured in sewers.Sewers?Sewers.Alligator chasing.TOM: Nope.Nope. It's a sport that Willie Mays once played.Stick ball. Yeah, he used to play with the kids when he played for the New York Giants. He was famous for, in the mornings before the games, going out and play stick ball with the kids. Yeah.That's right.How many sewers, because there's a sewer right at the end of each block, at each end of the block, so how many sewers could you hit.And how many...I think they called it LED Low Bay Lamp, if you didn't do well. Yeah.Only in Alaska. Tom, how many sewers could you hit?TOM: Three.Three? Not bad. Doubles hitter.