Protection Connect Hands on Disconnect/thanks Cut cords

The easiest way to protect yourself is to call Archangel Michael to you, the defender and protector. Say to him, aloud or in your mind, "Please wrap your beautiful wings of protection around me completely, sealing me from all harm and negative energy. Call Archangel Michael to you. If the receiver is sitting in a chair, you can stand behind them and place your hands on their shoulders. An easy method of deep level cleansing is the white light shower. Connect and Pray to your God.

It is important to remember that you must take care of yourself first.

If the recipient of the healing is lying on a healing table or bed, then I recommend starting with your hands on their head and following guidance from there, moving your hands to the next place you feel drawn to. Say to him/her, "Please use me as a channel for your healing loving energy. Imagine any gunky energy being washed off you and pouring down the plug hole.

In all cases, hold your hands in the one area until you feel the urge to move on, often about 5-10 minutes. Let the light pour over you and into your body through the top of your head. Now that you've learned the basic procedure for doing Spiritual Healing, in the next article, you will learn how to perform healing from a distance.

Step Three: Hands On

This all depends on how you are working. Just by asking for him to come, he will be there. Then focus on God and give thanks for using you in such a way. Then if you feel guided, you can move your hands to other areas on/around their body. This is your God given right, no matter how unworthy you may think you are. Make sure you are clear and strong, not derogatory or rude.

To cut the cord, just swipe your hand across your solar plexus in a chopping motion and rinse your hands off under cold running water.

There are as many linsheng variations of this method as there are people to perform it - change this, alter it to suit you - but the basic steps are each important so I highly recommend you include each step.

It is every person's divine right to practice healing. He will never cause harm and will always protect and keep you safe. This cord is helpful during the work you are doing, however, once the work is finished for the day, it is important to cut that cord or it can become draining and can reduce your level of energy. You only need to take the time to practice it, and you will start to see the results for yourself.

Step Two: Connect

It doesn't matter who you call 'God', what matters is that you your concept of the Creator is Divine and True.

If you feel tired, or want to move on, then do so. Just imagine stepping into a shower of sparkling white light.

If you feel guided, you may need to do a deeper cleansing.

Once this is done, gently put your hand the receiver's shoulder and let them know that the work is complete.

Step Four: Disconnect/Thank You

When you feel the healing is done, take your hands off the person, step back out of their energy field (about 1-2 metres).

Spiritual Healing really is that simple. If you've always wanted to be a healer, always wanted to make a positive difference in people's lives, then all you need is to learn the basic steps taught here, then put it into practice.

Step Five: Cut cords

Whenever you help another person, or even just interact LED Street Light with another, a cord is created between you and them. This automatically starts the flow of Divine Energy, whether you can feel it or not.