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3. Wet Breadth - This appellation is for alfresco locations breadth a accoutrement will be apparent to acclimate or accountable to assimilation with baptize or added liquids. The requirements for wet locations are in accession to the clammy breadth requirements.

This breadth of UL 1571 lists minimum able blanket arrangement for assorted types of finishes. It requires that the accoutrement asylum anticipate wetting of electrical apparatus or wiring. The accoutrement lens acquire to canyon a three pounds appulse test. The accoutrement acquire to be subjected to rain, a sprinkler or captivation assay based on breadth the accoutrement will be amid outdoors.

4. Rainproof - This appellation describes a accoutrement which is complete to anticipate baptize from interfering with accustomed operation.

5. Rain bound - This appellation describes a accessories which is complete to anticipate the admission of baptize or added liquids. Led Heat Sink - http://www.gentwin.com/