Many of the newer models of light bars are in four rows and have deep corner pods. Lights on the two ends of light bars are designed to light up the two sides of the road. These lights are designed to focus fully on the vehicle that is being chased. Certain models have four numbers of bi-directional rotators. Each of these manufacturers provides complete product details together with graphics, making selection easy for customers. The lower rung of lamps in these police light bars consists of what are referred to as takedown lights, which can be disassembled easily. But soon the manufacturing companies started producing complete police light bars, which were elongated domes that contained rotating beacons, reflectors, and beam lights in the center.
On an average, police light bars will have five numbers of rotating lights.
The earliest forms of police lights bars were just metal bars fixed on top of the vehicles on which the concerned department mounted two rotating beacons with a stemmed bulb in between.
In earlier models of police light bars the siren was situated in the middle of the two beacons. Now sirens have been to a large extent displaced from within the light bars to the bumper so that the light bar dome has space for incorporating things like extra lights, mirrors, or light arrows for traffic control. With every new model there were modification in size, colors, flash patterns, capacity of the reflectors, and rotating ability of the bars. Besides the police, long distance vehicles like trucks, towing trucks, medical emergency vehicles, and construction vehicles use police light bars.
Present day models have aluminum chassis, polycarbonate lens, and mostly contain more than four rotating lights with additional takedown lights. Other forms of emergency lights like single beacons, dash lights, and deck lights are also used for emergency lighting but by and large police light bars appear to be the popular choice of law enforcement agencies. Police light bars are fast replacing other types of emergency vehicle lights.

Linsheng Electrical Co., Ltd. /> There are online directories LED Light Housing that give long lists of police light bars manufacturing companies. Besides that, manufacturers of light bars are always ready to customize these lights for whoever needs them. Chassis of present day light bars are made of aluminum, and lens is of impact resistant and highly transparent polycarbonate.

Because of technological advance, police light bars are nowadays a perfect fusion of utility and aesthetics. Police light bars are variously V shaped; rectangular, or even come in the shape of dolphin, in aesthetically satisfying patterns. Light bars are now available in wide ranging standard configurations to meet everybody's requirements. The lighting mechanism used in police light bars may be LED, strobe, or halogen. Owners can program the flash patterns in most of them.